Spanish Instructor Wanted


The application process has been CLOSED. However, you are still welcome to apply, and may be contacted if an opportunity arises in the future.


English Evolved is looking for one Spanish instructor for English speaking executive and managerial clients. The job is to bring these clients from zero knowledge of Spanish to being reasonably competent within their respective professions, in less than 100 teaching hours. You will work independently with occasional class observations for quality control. All training will be provided. 

  • Location: Classes are taught in person, in the clients' office, in Bogotá, in the areas of Chico, Virrey, Zona G.
  • Pay: Starts at $45.000 COP / hour, paid on the 20th of each month.
  • Formal language teaching qualifications are NOT required. Our clients want instructors who follow the methodology of English Evolved, which is fundamentally different from the communicative methodologies of traditional institutions. Therefore, qualifications such as a CELTA or a Master's in Education, are not necessarily required.
  • No lesson plans. No homework to correct. Everything is all ready. You just need to show up to the class on time, have patience and a commitment to getting results.
  • Schedule: The schedule isn't confirmed, but expect most classes to be before 9:00 AM or after 5:00 PM.
  • We start small and hire slowly. We don't compromise on quality. The position will begin part-time, with 2 - 3 sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours each week. As you demonstrate a track record of results and good recommendations, more classes will be assigned to you, and the schedule will fill up really fast!

What we are looking for

  • Visa: You must be a Colombian citizen or have a Colombian working visa.
  • Bilingual
    • Spanish: You are a native speaker, ideally Colombian.
    • English: B2 or higher.
  • Language aptitude. You demonstrate a passion for languages and an aptitude for teaching others.
  • Professional. You are results focused, self-disciplined, take initiative, and take personal responsibility for failure.
  • You follow instructions and pay attention to detail, completing all assigned tasks thoroughly, on time, with minimal supervision, and no need for external follow up.
  • Punctuality is a must.
  • Oral communication. You take complex concepts and make them clear and simple enough for anybody to understand.
  • Written communication. You write clearly and concisely, using correct grammar and punctuation in all correspondence.

Application process

STEP 1:Learn about the English Evolved methodology

Read the homepage to get an idea of what we're about:

Step 2: Indication of Interest

Fill out this form to show your interest. No C.V. required. On the last line of the "About Me" section, after describing yourself, type three asterisks, the last two numbers of your cédula or other ID, and then three more asterisks.

Step 3: Teaching Assignment / Interview

We need to see that you can teach!

  • As you read in the homepage, the original iteration of the English Evolved methodology was based on the language courses of the language instructor Michel Thomas.
  • You will be given access to the first two CDs of one of his courses in a foreign language such as Mandarin, Polish, or German.
  • On your own time, you will follow the CDs, and then give a 45 min class on that language, followed by an interview.

Doing this tests the following:

  1. Can you quickly learn a new language?
  2. Can you adapt to the methodology?
  3. Can you take something that was completely foreign to you, and make it accessible and easy to understand for others?

On passing this, we move on to the next step.

Step 4: Apprenticeship

  • You will observe 1 - 2 classes to see the real life application of the methodology. (1.5 hours each, unpaid)
  • You will teach 1 - 3 classes, under observation, and receive immediate feedback. (1.5 hours each, unpaid)

Step 5: Independent Teaching

After this, you start teaching independently, usually at the office of the client, and start making money. Your classes will be observed every once in a while, but you'll mostly be left alone.

Continued Education

You never stop perfecting your craft. Although not required to give homework or write lesson plans, you will be given occasional assignments such as reading articles, watching a TED talk, learning methods to teach difficult Spanish concepts such as the subjunctive tense, etc.

You will also have 3 months to completely finish a 22 CD Michel Thomas language program (at no cost to you). The purpose is

(1) to develop empathy, learning the methodology from the perspective of a student

(2) to show credibility, as one must never ask a student to do something they are not willing to do themselves, and 

(3) to make you look good, as having competence in other languages shows the client that you are serious about your craft, making it easier to charge higher fees.

If you have any questions, please send them over here: